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Do you want to find out basic information about older adult care? Are you having difficulty finding an agency near you that has older adult care resources and services? Are you worried about financing older adult care needs for yourself in the future or for a family member now? Rely on the resources of Area Agency on Aging for Lincolnland.


Title IIIE National Family Caregiver Support Services

Access Assistance  This service assists caregivers in obtaining access to the services and resources that are available within their communities. To the maximum extent practicable, it ensures that the individuals receive the services needed by establishing adequate follow-up procedures.

Counseling — Caregivers receive counseling to assist them in making decisions and solving problems relating to their caregiver roles. This includes counseling to individuals and support groups, and includes caregiver training (of individual caregivers and families).

Legal Assistance — See definition for Title IIIB Legal Assistance.

Caregiver & Patient

Respite Care — We offer respite care because we know that caregivers get tired. Services include temporary, substitute supports or living arrangements for care recipients in order to provide a brief period of relief or rest for caregivers.

Training and Education — Become a more skilled caregiver with our help. We provide individuals with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills suited to their interests and capabilities.

Gap-Filling — Depend on us for assistance to meet individual needs of older persons living in a non-institutional setting and their caregivers for purposes of maintaining independence, providing a safe environment and/or delaying institutionalization. Eligible individuals include:

  1. Caregivers Who Are Informal Caregivers for Persons 60 Years of Age and Older
  2. Persons 60 and Older Who Are Raising Children Age 18 or Younger

Older Adult Abuse Multi-Disciplinary Teams - We also assist in developing and implementing a voluntary Multi-Disciplinary Team (M-Team). This group will act in a technical advisory role to an older adult abuse provider agency.

Training — Attendance at training related to older adult rights.