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Gathering Information Before Reaching Out

If you do not know your legislator, proceed to the Illinois State Board of Elections and enter your street address.  It will respond with a list of all your representatives.


If you know your legislator but need their contact information, we created a quick reference sheet of legislators in our service area (PSA 7) on the right side of the screen.


To find the issues that may affect you, please review the legislative alerts on the website below (a new browser tab will open for your convenience):

National Association of Areas on Aging


Detailed information about state legislator committees, schedules and votes are located on the Illinois General Assembly website. 


Detailed federal bill and vote information is at


Tips on Writing to Your Legislators

Legislators pay close attention to their mail/email, since it gives them valuable information on constituent concerns.  To communicate effectively with a legislator:

  • Identify the subject of your letter by bill number or issue, as precisely as possible.

  • Help inform the legislator about the problem by explaining the effect on the public the bill or action may have.

  • State your position and clearly explain why you feel that way.

  • Write or type your name, address, and phone number clearly so the legislator can respond to your letter.

  • Letters explaining your own views are much more effective than postcards or form letters.


Sample Letter

Your Street Address
Your City, State, Zip


The Honorable John Smith
Illinois House of Representatives
E-1 Stratton Building
Springfield, IL 62706


Dear Representative Smith,


I am writing to urge your support for House Bill xxxx, sponsored by Representative xxxx.

I believe [insert your personal position or belief].  This bill will [tell how it will affect people with disabilities]. [Then tell how it will affect you personally.]

For these reasons, I urge you to [support or oppose] House Bill xxxx.


Thank you for your attention to this issue.




Tips On Calling Your Legislators

Legislators also pay close attention to phone calls from constituents because it tells them how their constituents feel about issues.  If you decide to make a phone call:

  • Say, "I am calling to urge [Senator Name] to [support or oppose] [Bill Number].

  • I believe [insert your personal position or belief].  This bill will [tell how it will affect seniors]. [Then tell how it will affect you personally.]

  • The Legislator's admin will probably ask your name and city of residence.