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Helping Older Adults and Their Families Since 1974

AgeLinc provides a myriad of education opportunities for caregivers, members of the community, providers and more.


Caregiver Education

Monthly Lunch & Learns for Caregivers

AgeLinc provides a monthly education opportunity for any family/partner caregiver on the third Wednesday of every month.  Details of upcoming Lunch & Learn events are here.


AgeLinc Caregivers Conference

AgeLinc’s 19th Annual Caregiver Conference is scheduled for June 12, 2021 at the Crown Plaza, 3000 South Dirksen Parkway.  Details of this event are here.


Relative Caregivers of Children Resource Conference 

AgeLinc's 2nd Annual Relative Caregivers of Children Resource Conference is scheduled for October 5th, 2020 at 1pm via AgeLinc WebEx (conference call).  Details of this event are here.


Groups Session Education

Aging Mastery Program (AMP) 

Learn numerous techniques for aging well, making the best of longevity and maintaining independence during all stages of aging.  Sessions for this program include exercise, sleep strategies, healthy eating and hydration, financial planning, healthy relationships, advanced planning, medication management, volunteerism, and falls prevention.  Call AgeLinc to find dates and locations of programming in your area. 


Stress Busters

Family/partner caregivers for dementia patients learn how to develop and prioritize self-care in a confidential, caring, group environment with peers. Details of upcoming Stress Buster events are here.


Matter of Balance 

Learn fall prevention techniques, understand how a fear can increase your risk of falls and learn how to make simple changes to your environment and physical exercise to reduce risk.  Call AgeLinc to find dates and locations of programming in your area. 


Savvy Caregiver

Family/partner caregivers for dementia patients learn strategies for better caregiving in a confidential, caring, group environment with peers.  Participants receive information on stages of dementia, common behaviors associated with each stage, methods of healthy encouraging caregiving and the importance of self-care for caregivers.  Contact AgeLinc to find dates and locations of programming in your area.


Community Education

AgeLinc Monthly Community Education

AgeLinc provides community education, open to the public, the second Thursday of every month from 5:30-6:30pm.  Interested participants of any age can enjoy guest speakers on the topics of health and well-being, exercise, financial planning, volunteerism and more.  Contact AgeLinc to learn more about Community Education opportunities.


Social Isolation and Loneliness Presentation 

AgeLinc can provide education (for community groups, businesses, medical/health organizations, and first responders) on the trends of social isolation and loneliness in the aging and disabled populations.  Learn how social isolation or loneliness can affect elderly and disabled populations  wellbeing along with resources that can help address this trend.  Contact us for more information.


SHIP - Senior Health Information Program (Medicare and Medicaid Assistance)

AgeLinc provides free Medicare education and enrollment assistance (comparing and understanding plans and benefits) throughout the year.  Have questions about your benefits, open enrollment, plans comparisons, or new to Medicare? Call AgeLinc to make an appointment with a certified SHIP counselor to go over Medicare benefits and Medicare cost assistance.


AgeLinc can refer you to a certified SHIP location nearest you.  All individuals receiving Medicare benefits are eligible for this service.


Medicare Fraud Assistance

Have questions about Medicare fraud or possible tele-fraud and mail fraud?  Seniors are the targets of frequent attempted “scams”, putting their personal information at risk.  Never give your Medicare number, bank information or social security number to anyone who calls you.  Call AgeLinc immediately at (800) 252-2918 to help identify and report possible fraud.


Information and Assistance

Have a question about transportation, nutrition, care, benefits, financial assistance or any resources in your community?  AgeLinc can help!  Contact us for answers to questions and referrals to services for seniors and the disabled in your community.


AgeLinc Service Education 

Have an organization, business or group that would benefit from hearing about the services AgeLinc provides in Central Illinois?  Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide a free presentation.  We can also share information on the importance of the 2020 Census and Medicare Fraud Education.