Medicare Information & Assistance

Never give your Medicare number, bank information or social security number to anyone who calls you.  Contact AgeLinc immediately to help identify and report possible fraud. 

If you have questions or need assistance with Medicare Part D (Prescription Drugs) contact us anytime.  If you need Medicaid or Medicaid Extra Help, contact us for provider referral.  

Medicare Part D (Prescription Drugs) Open Enrollment

Prescription drug plans change every year and it is in your best interest to review your plan every year.  We can help you navigate the review process.  This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year. 

Open enrollment happens every year starting in Mid October and continues through the first part of December. 

See below for a center near you that can assist.  If they are booked up, AgeLinc can help you with enrollment as well.  Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

CEFS Economic Opportunity Corp:  217-342-2193 

IL Valley Economic Development Corp:  (217) 839-4431 

Montgomery Co. Health Dept:  (217) 532-2001 ext. 225 

Prairie Council on Aging:  (217) 479-4619 

Senior Citizens of Logan County:  (217) 732-6132 

Menard County Board:  (217) 632-4412

Senior Citizens of Christian County:  (217) 824-4263 

Senior Services of Central IL:  (217) 528-4035
Springfield Center for Independent Living:  (217) 523-2587