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Nutrition Support

Farmers Market Coupons

Those applying will receive one 5-coupon booklet per person per year, normally worth $25.00, in 2023 it was $50.00). The coupons usually arrive late July and are on a first come – first serve basis. Coupons are good until October 31st.

Eligibility based on income.

Best of Both Worlds

FMNP Benefits Farmers:

  • Supports local agriculture by increasing sales at farmers’ markets.
  • Promotes growth of family farms by creating a market for fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • Encourages growth of more varieties of fruits and vegetables.

FMNP Benefits Participants:

  • Provides participants with a chance to improve their health by eating tasty and nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Introduces participants to farmers’ markets and teaches them to select and prepare many different kinds of locally grown produce.

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