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Aging Mastery Program (AMP)

Connect with people in your area and learn new information about services, health, exercise, financial planning and more by trying the Aging Mastery Program (AMP).  Subscribe to our newsletter to learn where and when this program will be given online or in-person in your area.

Community Education Series

AgeLinc provides free Community Education on numerous topics, from Parkinson’s Education and Resources to understanding Social Isolation.  Any member of the community may join us on the second Tuesday of every month from 5:30-6:30pm to learn, ask questions, meet staff and other participants.

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Friendly Caller Program

For Older Adults Feeling Isolated Or Lonely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

AgeLinc is currently connecting trained volunteers with seniors in your area who may be isolated or alone during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  If you or someone you know is 55+ and would like a Friendly Caller for weekly check-in’s and reassurance, we can help!  

Contact us for more information on how to safely connect a senior in need with regular, reassuring phone contacts. 

All volunteers are screened and trained.  Friendly Callers cannot provide medical information or counseling but can refer seniors for additional support services when necessary.

Loaner iPads

To access online information from your home, AgeLinc can provide loaner iPad tablets for 30, 60 and 90 day cycles, along with easy user instructions.  The AgeLinc device loaner program helps individuals 60+ access services, programming and information to stay connected, healthy and informed.

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Permanent iPads and WiFi Devices

If you have a need for a permanent tablet to connect with services, friends and family, AgeLinc can submit applications with the Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP) for free, handicapped-accessible tablets and WiFi hotspots.  These permanent devices are available to individuals 60+ who are receiving transportation, nutrition or Community Care services.

Transportation, Nutrition and More

Ensure important appointments or opportunities to connect with friends and family aren’t missed.  AgeLinc helps connect you with transportation, delivered nutrition and more.  All individuals requesting information or services with AgeLinc and our partners are given a simple, private screen to help identify whether they are experiencing symptoms of social isolation and loneliness.  We help connect members of the aging population with numerous programs and support services to help maintain health, independence and security.

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